Fact sheets on work place demands
Relevant aspects for occupational medicine in practice


What is the idea?

To give recommendations for European standards of preventive work of physicians specialized in occupational medicine based on standardized risk assessments. An exchange of various experiences of the users is very welcome. As this is a learning system, everybody is invited to offer more fact sheets, which will be discussed among the board members, before they are published on EASOM’s website.

What are the intentions?

Short descriptions are given of typical specific occupational settings, major tasks of professions, typical hazards to physical and mental health, return-to-work options, and options to improve health related work-place conditions (occupational health management. The relevant clinical procedures to be used are recommended. An answer is given to the question of necessity and/or frequency of periodically recurrent medical examination as an aspect of prevention and/or medical aptitude.

What cannot be expected?

National legal aspects are being skipped, because there are specific national legislation differences, which are not relevant for occupational medicine issues in other countries. For instance the questions of occupational prevention versus medical aptitude testing are not covered particularly, but they are nevertheless implicitly part of the clinical medical examination methods which are recommended.


Fact Sheets

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