EASOM was established in 1993 and two essential missions and a special tool were defined for our association:

1. To promote the highest standards of education and training in Occupational Medicine in Europe (mission 1).

2. Exchange of knowledge, skills and experience of teaching and training between member schools (mission 2).

3. EASOM Annual Summer Schools as the major exchange tool in the academic calendar.


EASOM celebrated it's 30 th anniversary in 2023. During the first decade the name of EASOM became established at an European and international level and EASOM attracted a sizeable membership. The annual EASOM Summer School was from the very beginning established in the academic calendar. During the following years the development of EASOM focussed on the following areas:  

  1. To add value to member schools via access to European academic OM networks;
  2. To improve European teaching for: students curricula, specialist training and continuing professional development;
  3. Exchange of students between EU countries;
  4. Support the development of a quality assurance system for education and training that can be endorsed and adopted by members/ schools;
  5. Cooperation with national, European and global organizations such as the EU, WHO, ICOH and ILO with regard to the different aspects of education and training in OM.






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