Fact Sheet Worker in a Botanic Garden

Cleaning seeds in a botanic garden – tasks and contribution of occupational medicine

Fact Sheet Worker in a Botanic Garden


Seeds of numerous plants (several thousand different ones ) have to be gained out of the dry plant for schientific reasons and for the reproduction of the plant.
Plants havae to be treated mechanically by hand on a work-bench with suction; bigger parts of the plant fall down, smaller ones and organic dust are being aspirated

Occupational exposures:

  • organic dust
  • skin hazard to the hands (irritation by plant-material; wearing of gloves)
  • muskulo-skeletal hazards by constrained posture
  • repetitive manual work
  • noise

Protective equipment:

  • dust mask
  • gloves
  • dust protecting clothes

Health demands:

No relevant disorder of

  • cardiovaskular system
  • pulmonary system

Medical preventive testing:

  • lung function
  • sight
  • clinical examination

Occupational medical expertise:

  • Understand task, exposure and demands
  • Medical advice to individuals and groups of employees on
    • work related risks to health
    • health prevention and maintaining workability
  • Advice to employer on
    • improving conditions to reduce workplace related risks and environmental risks

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