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European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine (EASOM)

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EASOM - European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine

During Covid-19 pandemic, EASOM  had organized 2 Webinars which had been registered and are available on the following link:

EASOM Summer Schools in 2021 and 2022

During 2020 Spring Board Meeting an agreement was reached to have this Belgrade School “Teaching Occupational Medicine to Undergraduate Students of Medicine: Needs, Methods and A Way Forward” in 2022 and to retain in 2021 the Summer School in Leuven (Belgium) as scheduled. Professor Lode Godderis is being the local coordinator of the XXI Leuven Summer School (August 2021) and he has already done a preliminary proposal to focus on COVID-19 and its impact in OM training.

Corona Virus COVID-19

The global pandemic of corona virus COVID-19 is causing a lot of suffering at this time. EASOM expresses its condolences to all those affected by the virus and stands in solidarity with the medical and nursing staff and researchers who treat patients and seek medical and scientific solutions.

While we are waiting for those solutions, EASOM will do its best to continue with its mission with a today´s special concern on health protection of workers involved in the health care of the COVID-19 patients.