Fact Sheet Fire Fighting

(Germany/ stand 2016)

Fact Sheet Fire Fighting 

General structure

  1. Description of work environment and exposures (= risk assessment)
    The environment is multiple hazardous. Fire Fighters often don’t know all risks when they are on an emergency call. While fighting fire hey may be exposed to exceptional heat, burning environment, chemical, biological substances. They have to rescue persons from burning environment and to perform First Aid and BLS/ALS.
  2. Personal protective devices
    The personal protection devices have an extra weight between 28 kg up to almost 50 kg, including a breathing apparatus. It can also be necessary to wear a chemical protection device.
  3. Health demands
    No relevant disorder of

    Lung function ability
    cardiovascular system ability
    hearing ability
    physical or mental system
    metabolic system
    body weight
  4. Medical examination
    a. mandatory and periodically recurrent: physical and mental aptitude and prevention examination
    b.no post exposition examination
  5. Medical examination methods
    clinical examination
    ECG and ergometry
    air-conduction audiometry
    blood samples
    chest x-ray (if anamnestic necessary)
  6. Occupational medical expertise and advice
    Improvement of work environment
    Not possible
    Improvement of personal behavior
    Physical and mental fitness
  7. Re-Integration (return to work) management of long term sick employees
    If at all, often possible only at special work places where skills and routine is necessary with less physical demands but still with physical and mental stress, i.e. emergency call center
  8. Work place health management options
    Not possible





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