Video Amsterdam 2024

First Announcement by Marjolein Bastiaanssen
The 2024 EASOM Summer School will be organized in Amsterdam, from August 29 to August 31.

Planetary health (PH) has emerged as a new discipline to safeguard our planet in response to climate change, to limit our detrimental interaction with the surrounding ecosystem, and to protect the lives of all with an intergenerational responsibility. The role of education is central to this aim by developing not only the basic and contemporary understanding of PH, but also by advancing self-reflection towards the wider society and a recognition of the instrumental contributions of others. Therefore, incorporating PH in the education system for all disciplines is a crucial footstep to obtain the change. Experts strongly argue for a robust foundation for planetary health education addressing all healthcare disciplines involved to make it sustainable and widely acceptable [1]. Health professions education must equip undergraduates, and those already qualified, with the knowledge, skills, values, competence and confidence they need to sustainably promote the health, human rights and well-being of current and future generations, while protecting the health of the planet [2].

The 23rd EASOM Summer School 2024 explores the opportunities and challenges in teaching PH in Occupational Medicine.
Learning goals of the 23th EASOM Summer School 2024
By the end of this Summer School, you will be able to:
A. Understand the principles of planetary health and recognizes its relevance to Occupational Medicine:
a. Identifying occupational risks and planetary health impacts (such as exposure to hazardous substances, resource-intensive production processes and waste management practices)
b. Understanding how the major environmental challenges (climate change, pollution) affect worker’s health
c. Promoting sustainable work practices
B. Implement the principles of planetary health into the existing education program of Occupational Medicine and design a teaching program on applying planetary health principles within Occupational Medicine.


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