Concepts of Educational Efficiency, Effectiveness and Quality ...
how to design, conduct and evaluate a good quality educational seminar in occupational health and safety

The topic of the EASOM 2018 Summer school closely relates to the role of EASOM to promote the highest standards of education and training in occupational medicine in Europe through the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience in education and training. 

We chose the example of agriculture as a high risk economy branch, employing not only permanent workers but also seasonal workers and, among them, many migrants. At this moment farmers and other agricultural workers by majority do not have access to occupational health services. This situation is often encountered across Europe and also worldwide. On the other hand, occupational medicine specialists often lack skills in organizing and evaluating educational seminars while at the same time (associations of) employers and health insurance funds ask them to provide education to the groups of workers on various topics aimed to preservation of health at work.

PDF of keynotes and lectures

Summerschool 2018 program

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Jim Carraba Safety Issues in Agriculture
Norbert L. Wagner Are we teaching the right things?
Marija Bubaš Underestimated health exposures and effects: UV skin exposure and outcomes, disseminating knowledge of STANDERM COST
Krunoslav Mikolašević UV exposure- basics of measuring and data collection
Petar Bulat OSH education in current curricula in schools and faculties teaching agriculture
Frank van Dijk Online e-library agriculture
Elena Ana Pauncu Priorities in agricultural education - Sharing experiences of AGROSH +
Zlatko Šarić Experiences with projects from the hosting country
Gert van der Laan Safety culture and risk management in agriculture- SACURIMA COST Action

Friday, August 24, 2018

Jim Carraba Delivering Safety & Health Education to Farmers
Helena Koren Health Literacy Education
Frank van Dijk Evaluation of quality of educational interventions
Davide Bosio Using real workplaces as a problem-based learning approach

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