Managing & Teaching Workability

The summer school was held at Timișoara, România, August 25 - 27, 2016

PDF of single lectures:

Lutgart Braeckman: When and how to assess work ability and for what purpose

Petar Bulat : Teaching work ability assess - Serbian Experience

JF Gehanno: When and how to assess work ability and for what purpose - Periodical Examinations

Sára Felszeghi: National experience in managing and teaching workability in Hungary

Sára Felszeghi: The university of Miskolc

Jasminka Godnic-Cvar: Workability of ageing workforce

Sven Hoffmann: Changing working environment - effects on workability

Soile Jungewelter: Teaching work ability

Corina Oancea: Workability and disability at persons with congenital heart diseases

Corina Oancea: The role of different stakeholders in return to work. An international survey.

Elena-Ana Pauncu: Definition of workability and difference of workability to fitness for work

Florina-Georgeta Popescu: Fit for Work vs Workability in Romania

Alenka Škerjanc: Workability of young workforce

Stephan W. Weiler: AUDI Health Management System: Maintaining health in global companies and Advantages of keeping aged people in their jobs

Ria Sandbrink: Multidisciplinary guideline on a participatory approach in the workplace



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