"Teaching Ethics in Occupational Medicine"

The ELEVENTH EASOM SUMMER SCHOOL was held in Rouen, France, 25-27th of August 2011


How do we teach ethics?
Braeckman Lutgart, Department of Public Health, Ghent University, Belgium


Teaching medical ethics: Master of Medical Ethics, Paris V
Pr I Francois-Purssell

Theory of ethics (and transcultural aspects)
Didier Sicard

Case study: Provider to patient transmission of HCV & HBV & HIV
JF Gehanno, Rouen University Hospital

What are the ethical challenges in Occupational Health? The point of view of the Health and Safety engineer
Lauberti HS engineers

Ethical challenges in Occupational health: the ergonomist's perspective
Joel Maline, Director, Regional Agency for Working Conditions Improvement, Caen

Occupational Health Services in Finland
Kristiina Mukala, MD, PhD, Ministerial Counsellor, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

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