EASOM summer school in Linz, 27th of August, 2009

Professional Mentoring in OH Training
Briggite Schigutt

Why the state, the Labour Inspectorate, looks so closely a occupational medical practice?
Elsbeth Huber Head of Unit Occupational Medicine Central-Labourinspectorate Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection

What does the professional community expect of community expect of professionals in occupational professionals in occupational medicine?
Dr Ewan B Macdonald, Head of Healthy Working Lives Group, Head of Healthy Working Lives Group University of Glasgow, Scotland University of Glasgow, Scotland

Theory-practise relationships in various training / adviser approaches for professionals – experiences from the PAVLA-project
Hans Jørgen Limborg

Interdisciplinarity and cooperation among occupational health and safety professionals
Horst Stelzer – safety specialist, AMD-Linz

Using real workplaces. A problem-based learning approach
Paul Smits, occupational physician, university teacher

Ethical analysis – a means of communication
Peter Westerholm , MD FFOM Professor emeritus

Blast furnaces
Jean-Francois Gehanno

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