The EIGHTH EASOM SUMMER SCHOOL was held in Amsterdam, Holland in August 2008.

Evidence Based Occupational Health in Serbia
Prof. dr Petar Bulat, University of Belgrade School of Medicine, Serbian National Institute of Occupational Health

EBM research experiences in Amsterdam
Jan Hoving, Rob Kok, Jos Verbeek, Frederieke Schaafsma, Paul Smits en Frank van Dijk

E-lessons in evidence-based occupational medicine: a contribution to training and profesionalism
Nathalie Hugenholtz

Testing knowledge and skills in EBM
Nathalie Hugenholtz

Netherlands Society of Occupational Medicine
Carel Hulshof, Noks Nauta

NVAB Practice Guideline: Complaints of Arm, Shoulder or Neck
Noks Nauta, Carel Hulshof

Opportuinities and Barriers to teaching Evidence-Based Occupational Medicine - UK Perspective
Adele Pilkington

Application of EBM in the daily practice of occupational physicians
Frederieke Schaafsma, MD PhD

Challenges for application of Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Health
prof. Frank van Dijk

Cochrane Systematic reviews of Occupational Health Interventions
Jos Verbeek

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