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EASOM Summer School Administration
General work flow

The following text intends to give some generic directions and suggestions for EASOM Summer School to the local organizers, which milestones and when have to be reached in the overall schedule. All given dates are understood as prior to the actual Summer School of issue.

When What
15 months General decision to take over for next Summer School (Board of Management)
12 months General topic of Summer school (3 choices offered by local organizer) decided by EASOM Board of Management => communicated to local organizer
9 months First draft of agenda/timetable of Summer school presented to EASOM board by local organizer => topics and presenters
8 months Organizing committee established
Defining contact person /administration for requests, bookings
Location & accommodation, terms defined
First announcement of Summer School ready and published on EASOM website (including short information of venue and topic)
6 months Agenda/timetable finalised, and submitted to EASOM Board
Speakers recruited/ Bank account established/ Summer School Flyer as pdf ready & spread/ Registration form put on EASOM website
4 months Final decisions within EASOM board during last Board Meeting before summer school (=> local organizer to be invited to participate)/ Starting spreading written booking confirmations, invoices
3 months Team meeting organizing committee, assistants
Defining who does what at the event
Participating in EASOM spring board meeting for last questions, adaptations
1 day Participating in local EASOM board meeting for last questions, administrative issues


EASOM Summer Schools – General Information for local organizers and Work flow