Welcome Letter

of the President of European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The annual event of EASOM’s Summer School, which has become a stable point of the schedule of all those ones who are involved in training of undergraduate and post graduate students in occupational medicine, this year will take place at the wonderful city of Zagreb in the state of Croatia, and the venue will be at the SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH „ANDRIJA ŠTAMPAR“.

This year’s general topic is “Concepts of Educational Efficiency, Effectiveness and Quality” using the example of trainig methods and contents in occupational medicine in the field of agriculture. This example is important to all member states of the EU and beyond no matter if their economies are more technically developed or more rural based. Approximately 50% of the surface area in the EU is used by different types of agriculture. About 9,5 million people are employed as farmers or horticulturalits to supply about 510 million people living in the EU.

There is a broad variety of the percentage of people working in the agricultural area from less then 10% to up to 75% working full time. And there is a broad variety of health effective hazards which have preventive potential. So it is important to train occupational health personnel in this field. It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in this Summer School in the City of Zagreb and I would be pleased to welcome you there.


Giso Schmeisser M.D., PhD
President of EASOM