*approved at the meeting of the General Assembly Amsterdam, 28 August 2008*

Chapter 1


The official address of EASOM is:
c/o Medical University of Vienna
Clinical Division of Occupational Medicine
Institute of Occupational Medicine
Waehringer Guertel 18-20

Chapter 2


Article 1

The annual membership fee for full members, sustaining members and associate members will be settled by the general assembly.

Article 2

  1. All fees have to be paid annually before March 1st.
  2. If a member or associate member fails to pay within three months of the due date or fails to comply with other terms of membership mentioned in the constitution, the board can terminate his membership. This will come into effect at the end of the association year, unless it would be unreasonable to expect either the association or the member to continue membership . Notice of termination will be done in writing.
  3. The board can allow other arrangements for membership contribution.
  4. For members joining in the course of a membership year, the board may reduce the membership fee for that year proportionally.

Chapter 3


Article 3

  1. Associate members are entitled to:
    the Bulletin
    get relevant information, through EASOM, at no costs, about teaching occupational medicine
    buy teaching materials provided by EASOM at a reduced price
    attend the general assembly.
  2. Associate members are not entitled to vote at the General Assembly nor can they be elected as officer of the board. However, at the discretion of the board, they may be co-opted to the board for specific tasks.

Chapter 4


Article 4

  1. Sustaining members are entitled to:
    the Bulletin
    get relevant information, through EASOM, at no costs, about teaching occupational medicine
    buy teaching materials provided by EASOM at a reduced price
    attend and vote at the general assembly
  2. Sustaining members cannot be elected as officers of the board.

Chapter 5


Article 5

  1. The members of the Board shall not serve for a continuous period of more than eight years (= two terms).
  2. After completing a term, a board member can be re-appointed for one additional term only, unless decided otherwise by the General Assembly.
  3. With the composition of the board, geographical representation will be taken into account in agreement with article 1 of the constitution .

Article 6

  1. A board meeting can be called by the chairperson or at least three board-members.
  2. Board members are entitled to a reimbursement for a part of their costs spent to attend board meetings. In regular cases the travel costs are to be reimbursed.
  3. The board can take decisions without convening a formal board assembly. Proposals for action can be sent to all board members and a decision will be made by majority vote.
  4. The board is empowered to appoint advisors to the board for a term, similar to that for board members. The Board considers the appointment of the past chairperson as advisor of the Board.

Article 7

  1. The chairperson, vice-chairperson and the secretary-general together constitute the executive board.
  2. The executive board prepares the agenda for the meetings of the general assembly and the board itself and gives daily guidance. The executive board reports to the board.

Article 8

  1. The chairperson presides over all EASOM meetings and will call the general assembly after consultation with the other board members.

Article 9

  1. The vice-chairperson replaces the chairperson in cases of absence of the latter. In absence of the secretary general, a suitable replacement shall be agreed by the board members.

Article 10

  1. The secretary general shall keep the minutes, deal with correspondence, edit the outgoing letters, prepare the annual report and keep the archives.
  2. The secretary general heads the office and is responsible for the accounts of the association. He shall report to the general assembly in agreement with article 4 of the constitution.

Article 11

  1. The secretary general is empowered to hire paid assistance with permission of the board.

Chapter 6


Article 12

  1. Notification for the general assembly will be made in writing together with the agenda and relevant documentation with a period of notice of one month.
  2. Topics, not mentioned in the agenda, can only be dealt with by the general assembly if they are considered urgent by the board.

Article 13

  1. The election of board members will take place at the general assembly. The elected members take up their duties immediately after election.
  2. The general assembly will appoint members of the board of management from one or more binding nominations with due regard to the provisions made in article 4, paragraph 2 of the
  3. Elections concerning persons will be by written ballot. Elections concerning other matters will take place by oral vote.
  4. Blank votes or abstentions will be considered as invalid.
  5. In the event of the tied vote the chairperson of the assembly will have the right to cast a deciding vote.

Article 14

  1. The board can invite non-members to give a presentation or to introduce a subject into a board meeting or a meeting of the general assembly.


Article 15

  1. A simple majority vote at the meeting of the general assembly authorises a change in these internal regulations, provided the proposal for this change is mentioned in the agenda for the meeting of the general assembly.

*approved at the meeting of the General Assembly Amsterdam, 28 August 2008*

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