EASOM - European Association of Scools of Occupational Medicine

EASOM is active in international meetings and conferences. EASOM holds an annual Summer School to promote sharing of knowledge and experience of teaching within Europe.

Teaching Trainees in Occupational Medicine about Psychosocial Risk Factors at work

Will be held at Lake Bled, Slovenia, 26th – 29th August 2015

This conference / workshop which is of importance to delivery Occupational Medicine and health across Europe will discuss about teaching
Perceived psychological strain
Psychological support / management and interventions
Vulnerable groups and generations' conflict
Psychosomatic and psychosocial diseases
Health promotion during restructuring

In addition to the Conference, we are offering a Slovenian hospitality through an exciting social programme in north western part of Slovenia, at the foot of Julian Alps.

The venue of EASOM Summer School 2015 is HOTEL ASTORIA, Lake Bled http://www.hotelastoria-bled.com . EASOM delegates and their companions or family members can take the advantage of preferential rate of 70.00 EUR Bed & Breakfast in a single room per person per day or 50.00 EUR Bed & Breakfast in a double room per person per day.

Lake Bled is easy to get to http://www.bled.si/en/how-to-get-here . The Ljubljana Airport at Brnik is located 36 km away (http://www.lju-airport.si/en/Main), there are shuttle busses, rental car or taxis available.

Welcome to EASOM Summer School 2015, to the heart of Slovenian Alps.

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